Breed Standard

General Impression: Smooth, natural gait that is unique to the breed. Movement is balanced and in-sync.

Size: 13 to 15.2 hands with 13.3 to 14.2 being the most typical size. Weight is 700 to 1000 pounds. Full size may not be attained until the fifth year.

Color: Every equine color can be found, with or without white markings.

Disposition: The Paso Fino is an extremely willing horse that truly seems to enjoy human companionship and strives to please. It is spirited and responsive under tack while sensible and gentle at hand.

Mane, Tail, and Forelock: They are as long, full, and luxurious as nature can provide. No artificial additions are allowed.

Head: Well-shaped, alert, and intelligent face. The head is refined and in proportion to the body, with a defined, but not extreme jaw, and large, expressive eyes.

Neck: Gracefully arched, medium in length, and allowing for a high carriage.

Forehand: Shoulders slope into the withers with great depth through the hearth.

Midsection: The top line should be proportionately shorter than the underline. The back is strong and muscled.

Hindquarters: The croup is slightly sloping with rounded loins, broad hips, and strong hocks. The tail is carried gracefully when in motion.

Legs: Straight with refined bones, strong, well-defined tendons, and broad, long forearms with shorter cannons. The thigh and gaskin are strong and muscled but not exaggerated. Pasterns are sloping and medium in length.