High Point Awards Program

Mason Dixon’s High Point Program has been expanding over the past several years. Mason Dixon has High Point Awards for the Pleasure Non-Show Activities and for the Shows.

The Points are accumulated each membership year (October 1 to September 30) for each category/division and the awards are given at the annual meeting and banquet. The owner and rider must be a member of Mason Dixon in good standing. The points will be accumulated for the horse.

Pleasure Non-Show High Point Awards

For this Award, each pleasure activity completed will count as five (5) points. Upon completion of each activity, an Award Form must be completed and sent to the designated person listed below. The deadline for submission of the Award forms is August 30th.

The different categories for this Award are based on the age of the horse and 1st through 4th place will be awarded in each category:

  1. Horse Age 3 to 6
  2. Horse Age 7 to 9
  3. Horse Age 10 to 12
  4. Horse Age 13 to 15
  5. Horse Age 16 and over

Activities that will be included are:

  1. Organized Trail Rides
  2. Parades
  3. Judged Pleasure Rides
  4. Competitive Trail Rides
  5. Demonstrations/Horse Expos or Exhibitions
  6. Mason Dixon Clinics

Show High Point Awards

For each Show Division, points will be accumulated as listed below. The information for this High Point Award is obtained from the official show results at PFHA and are accumulated by the designated person listed below. The Shows that will count for the 2008 High Point are listed below and 1st through 4th place will be awarded in each Division listed.Points will be accumulated as follows:

1st6 points
2nd5 points
3rd4 points
4th3 points
5th2 points
6th1 point
Championship 1st15 points
Championship 2nd12 points
Championship 3rd10 points
Championship 4th8 points

High Point Divisions

  1. Bella Forma
  2. Fino Open
  3. Fino Amateur Owner
  4. Performance Open
  5. Performance Amateur Owner
  6. Pleasure Open
  7. Pleasure Amateur Owner
  8. Country Pleasure
  9. Western Pleasure
  10. Versatility
  11. Sub-Junior Youth
  12. Youth
  13. Youth Equitation
  14. Youth Horsemanship

In addition to these Show Divisions there will be:

  1. High Point Trainer
  2. High Point Amateur Owner